Ricky's New Clothes!

I have always wondered what the fascination is with this strange little twerp! He is billed as a comedian yet I have had the misfortune to watch him a couple of times and strained to contain my contempt. I found the UK Office series unfathomably unfunny and boring, especially when compared to Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Which was cheesy, yes but was quite embarrassingly funny, which I think was the effect he was trying to but failed to capture. By contrast the American series was far more watchable probably because there was some superior talent performing in it!

All in all this man seems to have hood winked so many into believing he is a comedy god. They seemed to revel in his innate and callous attacks on people at the Oscars and Golden Globe ceremonies. Which to my mind were both cringe worthy and amateurish. I think Frankie Boyle would have put him to shame in the same situation!

To me this charade of an act has gone on too long, it reminds me of the story of the Emperor and his new clothes. Sooner or later a little boy type person will stand up in the audience and say Mummy that ugly fat little man isn't just naked he's not funny either and everyone will have to agree!
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I tried to watch The Office because it was highly recommended by an English friend and
didn't like it.