A Bunch Of Freedom Sucking Liars

The Right wings claim they are all about freedom and less government.  But that is the biggest lie ever.  They care more about giving freedom to the States, big business, and the Churches.  And somehow they claim you also have freedom.  However they have given the Big Business and the States the Freedom to rule over others.  By default, the common people lose their rights.  But they claim that they have rights.  Yes they do, to conform to the state or big business or quit/leave.  Wow, some freedom we got.  Yet even worse, the Government thinks that they have the right to impose their morals on the nation.  But its okay to give the states and Big business the freedom to control everyone?  Heres really how the right works out.  They believe in social classes.  Someone needs to be above another.  Lets see, the religious right. Because they believe in a certain religion, they have to use political power to enforce it.  But what if not everyone else agrees with your religion?  Too bad.  Lets see, the Economic Right.  Absolute ownership of business by one man, and everyone else is made slaves to this one person.  Whether you have a job, or even are able to support yourself all depends on the mercy of the big boys.  People need to work to support themselves, and these rightists are taking advantage of that.  So the only people who get any power are the elitists, while those below have their rights stolen so the elitist can have special rights.  But they will never admit it.  They just try to blame liberals for the problem.  Talk about uneducated hicks, who need a butt whooping.

ratburn ratburn
1 Response Aug 6, 2010

Awesome story! Very true.