I Hate Roaches...

I hate roaches with the passion. I got chills just looking at the default pic. I hate it when they fly around. It gives me the creeps. I can't kill them, not cause I don't think they deserve to meet their doom at the bottom of my shoe, but because I can't stand the crunching sound they make. I used to get them in my bedroom a lot, they would crawl on me at night. I've cried several times when I've seen one and my husband was not around to kill it for me. Thank the lord almighty that I don't have a roach problem where I live now. I haven't seen a roach since I left TX, it's been almost 2 years. Little ones don't freak me out too much but the big brown ones do.

Queen82 Queen82
26-30, F
Mar 4, 2009