Poor Bret...

My heart goes out to the sweetheart, never will I understand why he thinks any commitment would come from a reality show chick.

*hugs him* Yes, I'm biased OK?

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Hehe. :)<br />
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Sweetest: I'm sure I could rock his world on TV too (if they'd have me - no one has ever bought me plastic surgery!). I just might have to pull out some weaves and kick some sculpted butts first. ;)

lol i agree...i could rock his world off-air.. :X

Lmao! <br />
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Okay... (*breath*) I am a calm, blue ocean...

Love, they obviously don't know Poison's success. They are not "in the know". Quit twitching, you're scaring me. :D

Hmmm... (***twitch, twitch, stifling rage, twitch***)... I'm not privvy to his finances, but I'd venture a guess that he's done okay out of his music. Regardless of his television show, he will go on being a successful musician and a very professional performer.

Thanks, Love. :) He DOES deserve a long term lady (even if that's not me). I'd do anything to find that for him. He has spent his life making so many people happy.<br />
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There hasn't been a truly long-haul girl in his life yet, though, and I wish I knew why. I had real hopes for him and Kristy (the mother of his children). It makes me sad. :( I want him to be as happy as he made me.

HaHa...see B....that's why I love ya. I was just saying that a good man like Mr. Michaels deserves a long term lady.

:D WTF? I LOVE Rock of Love! A trailer for it came TV tonight and I started jumping up and down and clapping and squealing - and I was at someone else's house at the time! ;)<br />
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Last year, someone asked me whether it bothered me to see Bret with all those other girls fighting for him - and the answer is simply, "no". He has right to live his own life as he pleases. And (trust me) I've seen girls do worse things backstage than what they put on that show. It's all fairly G rated compared to the "real" reality. <br />
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The only thing I find a little irksome about it is that, to most of the girls on the show, he's simply a prize to be pursued. They seem to see him as some kind of trophy that they can stick on their mantlepiece at the end, just to show everyone that they won. I doubt that many (if any) are on TV because they really want to find a man to grow old with. That offends me - he's a human being for ****'s sake. He's got a family and he's had his own fair share of heartache. :(<br />
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Whereas Bret: from what I've seen, he's still his kind, gregarious, tongue-in-cheek self. He enjoys women (no harm in that!), and the show has done a lot to get his band a bit more, well-deserved, attention. I don't think it was a stupid move at all. If I worked for him, I'd advise him to keep it coming.<br />
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Perhaps not if he reached the stage of Ozzy though! ("Sharon! I've locked myself in the toilet again! Sharon! Oh ****.") Hopefully, by the time he's reached that stage of life, I'll be there to hold his hand and put him to bed...<br />
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heehee! *o* <br />

*smiles* Aye, he does...but I think my friend is better for him. Oh, OldGroupiesNeverDie...where are ya baby?

I think he needs some guidance, or therapy to find what it is he wants/needs before he can be in love. I think most all of the girls are hideous, looking and behaving. He...needs...a...RealWoman...!!! ^.^

Hey, he's a man, attracted to the visual first....doesn't mean he deserves to be done over.<br />
I agree that he doesn't need the shows, but I was being warm and fuzzy. :)

What's amazing is that this is, what, his 4th reality show to find 'love'? HULLO? Maybe try to meet other kinds of women besides strippers and bimbos. And maybe over 25 yrs old that actually are looking for a serious relat...wait a minute, what AM I saying?