Too Many Accidents

One really close friend of mine Nora had a roller backpack all through middle school and all the way to Freshman year of high school.  That's four years worth of me tripping and falling over that stupid roller backpack.  It didn't end until she decided to settle for a satchel (probably for my pride's sake).

There was this one time in the biggest hallway...
We were coming out of class and her roller backpack got stuck somewhere by the door.  I was right behind her and I thought she would move it away pretty fast because I didn't know it got stuck.  So I keep walking, completely unconcerned...
And next thing I hit the ground chin down on the concrete and there is a burst of laughter coming from all directions.
That was the day I became known as the girl who always falls over that blond girl's ginormous backpack. 

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4 Responses Aug 8, 2010

She should have bought a jet pack o_O<br />
And you're one of the few Americans who don't substitute "ou" with "o" in words like "ginormous".<br />
Did you see my pet dinosaur?

Oh that's horrbile!<br />
<br />
I won't make jokes and stuff on this story. It's not funny to me.<br />
Falling hurts!

...............................wait, I just did...I need some serious sleep xD

I won't even comment on this one..