Romantic novels were made solely for the purpose of torturing our delicate minds. Even horror stories don't have such an impact on my mind. These writers truly know how to put their readers in agony, as they hope and hope that their beloved characters will find true love. And then they add all these obstacles in their path, to prolong our agony. And just when it seems the characters will never end up together, they are patched up together at the end of the story in a shoddy manner.
I was reading "Love, Rosie." Also known as "Where the Rainbows End" by Cecelia Ahern. She was the one who wrote "P.S. I Love You."
The book is a cute love story about two best friends who went separate ways in life. They are soul mates who are clearly love each other and are meant to be with one another, but life got in the way. Anyway boy loves girl and she doesn't know it, and vice versa.
Now normally I don't read books like these, but I saw the trailer for the upcoming adaptation of this book and I thought I might read it.
200 pages later I realized why I forswore such books. It took the bloody characters an unnecessary 50 years to end up together. And the entire book was littered with obstacles that makes readers want to pull out their hair. I quit after the 200 pages. I am done.
I am going back to my fantasy novels. I am back to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, my comic books and manga
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And after all books like Harry Potter and co are probably as realistic as those love stories. So there is absolutly nothing you will miss.

Well said.