I Try So Be Nice

I try to be nice and polite but I is getting harder and harder to do so.  I am a woman, and even so I hold doors open for woman and men, especially the elderly.  More than halve the time I do not get a thank you.  It's as if it's expected.  Not to mention....a ton of men don't even think about holding the door for me.  RUDE!!!!!!!!
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

I believe that people in this country have gotten ruder as the years go on. A lot of it has to do with our society, imo. Everyone is in such a hurry all the time. Due to that, many people have lost their manners, assuming they had some good manners to begin with. Try and take the high road -- I actually kind of feel sorry for the ill-mannered of this world.

i think it best not to expect anything in return, do it from the goodness of your heart and then rather than notice the ones who arent so sensitive you'll only notice those who respond x