Especially Vs Exspecially

I work in a call center and have had many rude customers. From the childish man who made snoring sounds to a women whose first words involved screaming( which I'm sure included profanities but I couldn't understand her.) But the most recent person I talked to was a man who decided to mock the way I had said the word especially. I told him that I was going to try to see what I could do about getting him a sooner appointment. His phone and internet was out. I said that we put a priority on this exspecially because their phone was out. Now I have stumbbled on my words so many times in the past and a customer has not decided to demean me for saying a word incorrectly. Even though the customer knew what I was saying, he decided to stop the conversation and say did you say exspecially or especially because exspecially is not a word. I at that point in a cheerful disposition said, I'm sorry I'm not sure what your trying to say. At that point I wasn't going to straight out say are you trying to demean me. I at that time got him the sooner appointment. When he asked for a two hundred dollar credit. I refused to credit him that much for a day without service. He furthur escalated to a supervisor , which I was more than happy to get rid of him.
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3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

I hate when people mispronounce the word "especially." There is no "x" in the word and i can understand why the caller corrected you.

well i think he was being rude. There's No need to stop you from everything your doing just to correct you. There is some people out there who MUST make you drop everything your doing just for them to say NO NO you say it this way or' the correct pronunciation is blah blah'. Those people are rude and also have No Manners :)

I don't believe he was trying to deamean you necessarily but perhaps just trying to correct your pronunciation. Especially begins with an "ess" sound not "EX" sound; however, many people in the eastern United States mispronounce it in the same manner. I have seen other people correct ones who were saying it with the "ex" sound at the beginning of the word. You also misspelled further. ;0P