Bein' A Cashier Sucks!

So i recently got my very first job at Wal-Mart, which is *sweeeet*, but of course I have rude people coming at me everywhere I go so I kind of just need to vent...   :-/

So ANYWAY, my shift tonight ended at ten, so I'm cleaning my register and empting my trash and everything when I turn around and see that the register behind me has this HUGE line that extends on forever and no cashier. So I walk over to see what was going on or whatever, and the woman at the front of the line is waving at someone/something, I look at her. Just LOOK at her. I don't say anything, I don't wave back, I just LOOK, and she tells me "Girl, ain't nobody wavin' at you...", to which I'm so shocked that I can't even get mad...yet. So while I am yet in my state of shock that I just got talked bad to for looking at someone, the missing cashier walks up, and I shake myself off long enough to stutter to the woman "Oh...I didn't know where you were..."
To which the rude woman replies "Honey, you don't need to worry about it", waving me off in this "shoo-fly" kind of motion, while turning to giggle at the cashier who just walked up.

It took me a good four minutes to work up to a full-blown pissed off state of mind, but when I got there, BOY did I get there! I'm still kind of upset I couldn't even get a word in edgewise with that woman...somehow I feel like I would be feeling better right now if I at least got in one quick snobby remark. I know I shouldn't fight rudeness with rudeness but sheesh...How disrespectful can you get?

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8 Responses Dec 24, 2010

I know exactly what your talking about too. I work in retail myself and I can't believe the ******** we get to deal with. I remember a week ago I was getting ready to start my shift for the day. When a older lady (I would say in her early to mid 60's) I was working on opening my register when the lady rudely asked me to hurry ip and open. I was thinking very nasty thoughts toward the woman but politely asked her to hold on a minute and I would be right with her. The cashier beside me said she would have moved slower just to **** her off more. Just remember people are ********.

I know how u feel. I work at the mall and some lady was having an attitude at the register telling me these watches were $7 and they rung up 10. I thought I took all the signs down cuz they were wrong so i asked her where the sign was. she didnt even let me finish before she lashed out and started calling me a motherf%&*#@ and running around the store yelling for the manager. I just stood there shocked cuz I was bein nice and about to give her the discount and she went crazy yelling around the store. Now I'm mad cuz I rly wish I woulda just cussed her out or threw her bags at her.

I work at a Target and today a women came in and the total amount money owed was $18.58. I waited a good five seconds while looking at her to see if she had more change and she didn't so i just punched the $20 dollar bill she gave me into the register. As I'm getting the change out she looks at me and says (very rudely) you don't want the 58 cents" to which i reply (nicely) "no it's okay i already rung the money up ma'am" she then mumbles "lazy" under her disgusting cigarette breath. I hand her the change shocked "like wtf this ***** DID NOT just say that" she proceeded so say lazy about five more times loudly enough for me to hear before she finally took her leave and smh'ed her whole walk to to the Exits. Crackhead ***** seriously ruined my day.

He said I have things to do. Then he implied I was stupid! Took the bags before I could fill them!

Pretty rude, some guy just said hurry up I dont have all day as I was checking him out!

ugh Wal-mart i don't even like shopping there cause people are so rude. just stay strong love and remember your not There forever.

Hi. Just remember that Wal-Mart is hell and scruffy people go there all the time. Sometimes,nice people do too! Just go online to watch people on that site that has scarry, rude, crude people walking in there.... I feel sorry for you and hope you get a really nice job in the future.

It made me angry reading this, and I wasn't even the one it happened to! You were just trying to do your job; there is no reason for her to act like that! What a jerk!! <br />
Let me guess: This woman was an older, plain-looking woman, and you are young and attractive. She is probably jealous of you, and it gives her some kind of sick satisfaction to treat you dismissively. It's ignorant and childish, but I know that type of thing goes on. More often than not, older women are very condescending to younger women, and think it's their "right" to walk all over them. They are ignorant, immature, selfish, insecure, rude, jerks! There's no nicer way to put it. <br />
It is human nature to want to tell this woman what you think of her and where she can go, but I'm glad you were able to be the bigger person, and handle this incident with maturity and grace. I'm sure, in your line of work, you encounter a lot of jerks, so it is good that you know how to handle them.<br />
I didn't mean to rant; I just wanted to let you know that your feelings are justified. Also, I hate to see someone get mistreated when they are just trying to do a job.<br />
Take care, and Merry Christmas!!