Bragging Rights?

I've seen a lot of rude behavior in my life, from simple rudeness like not holding the door open for the person coming into the shop to outright rudeness such as people screaming at the top of their lungs at customer services associates in stores. I do my best not to be rude, since it really bothers me and I try to act the way that I would want others to act towards me.

About a month ago, I experienced what had to be the craziest lunch I've had. It was myself and several business colleagues...keep in mind as you read this that ALL of us are middle management or higher. I am going to change names to protect my identity...

Will is the top man at the office I work at and had paid for and brought lunch. We all sat down in his office and waited on several colleagues to arrive. After everyone arrived, we began eating. All of a sudden, Will belches very loudly. Everyone just looks around at each other and then at Will who starts to be polite, we just start laughing thinking it was an isolated incident. Keith, a guest who used to work at the company, is laughing harder than anyone else and (sorry to be rude here) farts loudly. Again, everyone looks around, this time with a shocked look on their faces. Will starts to laugh even harder, and him and Keith are about to fall over they are laughing so hard. Will's brother, who also works at the company, is upset and is getting ready to leave the room...can't say that I blamed him at this point. Will then looks over at Keith and asks him, "So, is it true that you crapped your pants at your last job?" Everyone kind of just pauses for a second, thinking that Will is joking around. Keith starts to laugh, and says, "Yup, it's true! I crapped them so bad, it went all the way down my left pant leg and on my shoe!" Of course, Will and Keith again dissolve into hysterics at this.

Will and Keith stop for about 20 minutes with the obnoxious talking and bodily noises, and everyone starts general talk and finishes lunch. Will then looks at all of us, and I thank him for lunch. Keith says, "Hey buddy, let me thank you for lunch, too!"....and proceeds to let loose with a series of belches and flatulence that would set off an avalanche had we been in a different state. Will starts to laugh so hard that he chokes on his drink and has to take a few minutes to recover.  Will then stands up...looks at all us with a serious look on his face and says, "Wait"...then cuts loose with more flatulence....

We haven't asked for anymore of these "community lunches" since this incident....just in case anyone is wondering.

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haha why do i think this is kind of cute? ahahaha.

Just goes to show, you can dress a guy up, put in in a position of power, give him an office, and he still has the ability to prove some of us never matured past the eighth grade. This in interesting because all the time I worked on construction of offices to be occupied by the very people you described, I had the impression they had to be the one's with more manners. We ate our lunch sitting on buckets and nothing went on that insulting. Can you say "hostile work environment." I would fire their ***.

It sounds like Mr. Will and Keith had planned this eventful lunch in advance. SO CHILDISH. This is a very clear evidence of the bullies are not only existent at schools. <br />
<br />
They are SO bored and believe that no-body can do s*** to stop them. It is almost tragic that so many people who need to grow up and learn some simple manners are easily promoted in corporate world. Just because they can show that are good at what they do, while they have no people and communication skills. The truth is most of them are heavily depressed narcissists, ego-maniacs, selfish and women abusers. No social skills- worse than animals. Thanks for sharing.

SO pitiful really I wonder about people sometimes!!!

It seems to be a lost cause with these so called gentlemen, to expect your co workers to show respect to them when they have no respect to give them....<br />
If it was me I think I'd decline the next invitation to their sort of meal!!!

Wellllllllll, that must have been an experience. I don't know what I might have done. The temptation would be to say I'd have left, but if I had to work with these people day in and day out, maybe I would have toughed it out.