My Bf's Family!

i absolutely hate rude people, unfortionately my boyfriends family is the perfect example! his parents, his brothers...just about anyone. i have a little boy who is always smiling or laughing. Jaslyn his cousin was spinning him in a computer chair and their grandpa my bfs dad yelled at jaslyn and told her to quit because she was making him laugh and he was trying to watch tv! also my boyfriends mom is even worse, she talks crap about people even if they are right there...she will be laying on the couch and wont offer to move for someone to sit down....his whole family is rude. his brothers justin and michael and him are all okay, they aren't too rude. his little brother sedrick is probably thee worst. then his mom and dad. and also justin and michaels girls are both very rude. i wasn't grown up around people like that so  it annoys me. i love his family but they are very rude and annoying.

babymama16 babymama16
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1 Response May 4, 2012

Do you really love this family? lol

yeah i really do, just they get annoying. lol.