People Suck!

I work in customer service and most days I don't mind it but others I feel like I want to hit someone. This morning started off like any other day, I just opened my store and a few ladies came in. I asked how their morning was without any response which as sad as it is, is actually pretty normal. After 15 mins they decided to check out. As I'm ringing them up the mention they have a coupon for $5 off and hand me a photocopied picture of the coupon which we do not take. I told them I'm sorry but I can accept that, I said it needed to be the actual coupon and then they went crazy. They told me they saw a sign and it says that they could ( I'm not sure if it says that or not)so I even called my manager to clarify that I couldn't but it didn't matter, they were furious. They called me a *****, said I was going to lose my job because they were going to sue the store, said I was worthless, mind you this is over $5. Im not rich or anything so yeah $5 is $5 but to degrade me for something so small, when I have nothing to do with it is just rude. I told them I'm sorry they were upset and that I wished I could do something about it but it didn't matter to them they just told me to **** off and left. What a great way to start off my morning.
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

What a bunch of ********, so sorry you had to start your day like that luv, some people just need to learn some manners. You are a very pretty girl in a couple of years I'm sure you will work in an awesome job that you really love and never have to deal with jerks like that again.

What jerks those two old bags are! It's one thing if someone is having a bad day and speaks more sharply than intended. However, threatening, cursing, name-calling and degrading is totally out of line. There is no excuse for that.
Yes, they may have been upset about the coupon, but I think something else was also going on. You're young and attractive ( I'm assuming your avatar picture is really you ), and I bet those old bags were jealous and trying to intimidate you.
I hope you don't have to deal with too many "ladies" like that. Any woman who behaves that way is no lady. What can you say about women like that? It starts with a /b/ and rhymes with "witch".
I think you handled the situation with grace and maturity. I admire you for not stooping to their level. Hope you have a better day tomorrow!