Transit Nightmares

**** do I ever hate rude people, especially rude people who ride the bus. There are two seat in a row for a reason, so two people can sit there. I can't stand when someone thinks they are the Queen of Transit and sits in the isle seat and refuses to move to let someone sit in the other seat. Like wtf??? Also, I hate when people won't move out of the handicap seats to let someone with crutches or some poor old lady with a cane sit down. I would like to smack the mother who should have taught you manners. One more thing, public transit in that, public. So I don't wish to hear about the drugs you take or the sex you had last night. If there is children on the bus, watch your language, we are monkey or sailors! /rant
origamilover origamilover
22-25, F
Dec 14, 2012