Stupid Beyond Words

I'm kind of speechless. I can't believe people. This guy on twitter started saying stuff like **** you after I said that California is over run with illegals. I'm assuming he is illegal or his family is. Why else would he care so much. Anyway, then he's all "yo dead granny *****". That doesn't even make SENSE! and this chick is all on his side making fun of me with him. I don't see why. They are the ones that don't know a thing. They just started attacking me.

I live in a town that is 65% illegal immigrants. I can damn well say that we've got a problem.

Anyway, it may be just a few stupid, under educated morons but it still hurt my feelings. Kind of a lot.
CourtneyRose001 CourtneyRose001
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2 Responses Dec 29, 2012

Luv it is just the internet, people feel they can say anything because they hide behind their computer, trust me they would never say these things to your face, just laugh it off.

Well while I don't happen to agree with your views (I grew up in L.A. and I'd never consider anyone there "illegal" as my ancestors did steal their land in the first place!), I would never say something so mean and ignorant to you. There are a lot of reactionary people who feel empowered by the anonymity of twitter, the internet etc. to say things they would NEVER be brave enough to say to your face. Such people are cowards and really all you can do is ignore them! (It does hurt my feelings too, though, when that happens.)

I have no ideas about LA. All I know is that's how it is in my town...