And People Wonder Why I Said I Hate School...

My best friend QueenYoloBiiitches and I were talking to our friend and I said something mean to my friend jokingly(Because she poked my friend I said he doesn't wanna be poked by something like that and pointed to her) and my teacher told me it was rude and disrespectful and I said I don't care and then QueenYoloBiiitches walked in and said something mean again jokingly and our teacher screamed at us and QueenYoloBiiitches walked out then our teacher and some other students said crap about QueenYoloBiiitches so I defended her and totally bitched everyone out and my teacher looked at me and screamed at me and I was like sorry I was defending my best friend so she kicked me out and I spent all a block in the principals office and QueenYoloBiiitches spent all a block in the vice principles office...

Meanwhile in the classroom our teacher continues to say **** about us behind our backs! And a student who we thought was our friend was saying some pretty offensive things... Yeah and people wonder why QueenYoloBiiitches and I hate people and hate our school so much!!
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skewl sucks in general. i got made fun of so bad i droped out

Wish I could

sounds like my school, one time me my sister jessi my sister kendra our friends jessica and sam all walked out of class cause my teacher told me to take my piercings out we refused and left

Yeah it's ridiculous and then she asks us to have respect for her? Hell no! She had no right to yell at us like that...


Ughhhh I hate it

lol i do to

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