Don't you hate when someone interrupts you, ignores your commentary, doesn't even smile at your jokes, or quietly sits there judging you and making snap assumptions? Yeah, me too.

Basically, I went to see a psychiatrist a couple days ago and she just sucked...

1) She interrupted me before I could finish my sentences as if she were saying, "I'm done with this subject, next topic." Rude.
2) I told her certain things in the beginning of the conversation in getting to know me that she forgot by the end of it considering she asked me again. Begs the question, how hard was she really listening.
3) I crack jokes when I'm nervous to try to lighten the mood and feel more comfortable getting someone to smile a bit. She didn't even look up from her desk... Made me that much more inhibited to open up about anything.
4) Then she tells me that judging from this first meeting she doesn't think I have so much anxiety as simple nervousness and that I seem pretty stable. Um, it's more that I'm putting on a show since I don't feel free to be me. Pretty sure I'm on the unstable side and have anxiety considering I have weekly panic attacks and breakdowns.

I had told her in the beginning that I haven't sleep in over 24 hours so I was a bit sleep deprived. Some people might think maybe a different side of you can come out when in that mode since you're wavering in and out of consciousness.

Honestly, there were more little things that bothered the hell out of me but she was simply cold. I cannot stand that. Especially when it's someone you're supposed to try to talk to about personal things, I'm pretty sure you don't want someone who basically makes you feel inferior by saying certain words that clearly have negative connotations and to someone as sensitive as I am, it really annoys me. I don't know. People just bother me sometimes when they don't entirely take into consideration how their behaviour may affect others. Now I really don't want to ever go back but seeing as she's the one giving me meds, I'm wondering if I should either suck it up and deal with the attitude or change psychiatrists somehow and run the risk of having to still run into her in the same building...

It just was an unwelcoming environment and a pretty disheartening appointment...
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1 Response Aug 28, 2014

Yes, so annoying.