I have this aunt-in-law that doesn't take care of her kids and send them over to my house every time. I've been babysitting them ever since I was in elementary and now I'm in college. There has been mishaps with my brother and her. And they had a divorce but they came back together. But both of them should have a responsibility to take care of their own kids and watch over them. I've been baby siting over them from the morning till late at 10 pm or 12pm. And they've been sending them over and over and I'm getting sick of it. My brother and her need to understand that our mom is exhausted and I have school and were busy. And when they send the kids over I dont even know where their going, and they pick thier kids up late which is irresponsible.

This is actually from my friends perspective and we talkers about it and I figured that if I post it on here people would help my friend. I know how tough it's been on her. It seems as if her
Aunt in law and brother are freeloading off them since their kids stay their really late like a day care and they don't even get paid. And my friend says that her brother is manipulated by his wife and it's true. I find it heart breaking for he kids because they don't really spend time with their parents.
adl117blue adl117blue
18-21, F
Aug 31, 2014