Pms Much??

I'm sure everyones going through some kind of stressful event in their lives, but does that really give you an excuse to be so damn rude to others?! Especially when I'm at work, I'm all smiles and "hello, how are you?" to customers and there's lot who just ignore and don't even say anything back to you, it's like umm ok I felt stupid for even saying anything. And then there's people who just throw their money across the counter to you. Obviously they have hands! Why is it sooooo hard for them to keep the money in their hands and hand it over to me like a normal person!? Then there's people who hand you their dirty little trash and expect you to throw it away which I stupidly take it and do. I mean there is a big trash can right next to you! And customer services elsewhere are so horrible nowadays too. One time I went to the car dealership place to get oil changed and then I had to go to the cashier counter to pay for it. It was this rude girl who didn't even aknowledge me made me wait a few until she was doing her little whatever thing she was so "busy" doing then she without making any kind of eye contact during this whole thing just basically threw the paper and pen across to me to sign which almost fell off the counter and then after she just takes the paper hands me the copy and just sat back down her chair and got on her computer. I wish I could have said something! Then one time at a clothing store I went back to get a refund on a top I had bought and the girl just glared and was like "you bought this and you don't like it?" and giving me an attitude the whole time. I mean there's hundreds of other people who come in and exchange or refund all the time, people have change of mind a lot.

Maybe it's some kind of vibe that I give off?? I am too nice, I'm shy, but then I have an appearance of someone who do not seem like it. Maybe these girls are jealous because I look better than them I don't know.

kittiex3 kittiex3
22-25, F
Mar 10, 2010