How Dare You!

Okay I'm no saint and I can be very rude without realizing it but I always do my best to respect others but when I see some one being rude just for the sake of it I have to reply. Like in class one of my old friends called Joshua was being rude to my science Teacher Mrs.Walker . Through out the whole term there has been nothing but disrespect and rudeness in this classroom from talking to texting and eating but then he just put the icing on the cake. He actually decided to take his anger out on Mrs by opening up his mouth and saying
"Why are you here? You can't even do your job right so why don't you just go."Mrs then told him to get out but he wanted to try an act bad so refused. It was then I walked to the door and shouted across the classroom.
"Joshua let me show you the door as you can see it has a wide frame allowing you to get your sorry fat *** through it." After that everyone in class started calling me a scrape and he still wasn't getting up so I picked up his book and bag and threw them out of the classroom. Once again he started to cuss me saying that I was a sket or **** or what ever I wasn't even listening at this point.I opened up the door wider and shouted for the teacher down the hall and before they came to the classroom I said."Now please take your rude friends and crappy attitude and get the **** out."
He came out of the classroom in the end but I got a detention for my language and for throwing his stuff but at least now he doesn't back chat Mrs.

Of course I managed to bargain my way out of it by saying I would assist thee receptionist ;3
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

My wife is a teacher ! She will absolutely loves you!But do mind your language!

Yeah I know usually I try to replace bad words with silly ones like for the f word I use fudge XD But he just got me so angry I mean how can you speak that way to a teacher who dedicates their all to construct our futures! I thought he was just being a b-ieber! >:3...And can you please tell your teacher thanks! she sounds really nice ;p

Thank you wife also love to scold students...sometimes she scolds me like a student and I said quitly to myself...that b-ieber!!! Ha! Ha!

LOL That's my one