It's Nothing Personal....

I am sure that Subway's "sandwich artists" are lovely people. I blame the Subway corporation  for training them to appear to be total idiots while they are on-the-job. It is just part of their job description; a clever ploy to irritate us "6 grams of fat or less", veggie sub-eating morons into buying 2 dozen chocolate-chunk cookies at the checkout. The more irritated we are with the "sandwich artists", the more cookies we buy, the fatter we get, the more veggie subs Subway sells, the more irritated we get with the "sandwich artists", the more cookies we get the's a vicious cycle.

Aside from that vicious circle of misery that Subway has me trapped in, I have specific examples that clearly demonstrate why I hate "sandwich artists". One stands out.....

So here I am at Subway, right? Starving. As usual. There are 30 people in front of me and they have all decided not to take advantage of Subway's 7 subs with 6 grams of fat or less. They are orderin' up meatball subs, italian subs with the works, steak name it. I just want my f***ing veggie sub on wheat with no cheese or dressing or any d**n thing else that might actually have some taste. Of course, to add to my misery, my husband has requested a 12" steak sub with cheese and mayo *YUM*.

During my 35-minute wait I had plenty of time to take in my surroundings. You know, get a good look at Subway's current promotions. There are giant signs everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE, that say "ALL SUBS $5.oo...ANY SUB ON THE MENU $5.oo...IT'S BACK- $5.oo for all SUBS. I stood there pondering the fact that a 12" veggie sub never used to cost $5.oo, it was less than $4.oo...what a rip-off. Whatever, at least I'll get my husband's giant pile of saturated fat for $5.oo. By the time I get to the front of the line of fat a**es I am famished and irritated to say the least. I tell the "sandwich artist" what I want...a 6" veggie on wheat and a 12" steak sub..she looks me dead in the eye and says "Steak subs are not included in the $5.oo promotion". 

That dirty bi**h was wearin' a fluorescent green t-shirt and matching hat that said "ALL SUBS $5.00" in huge fluorescent yellow letters. 

So I said "Really? Not according to your t-shirt. By the way, give me 2 dozen chocolate chunk cookies."

You can't argue with "sandwich artists", they are fine-tuned machines built for public deception. I paid almost $10.00 for that steak sub. F**ckin' Subway.

That is why I hate "sandwich artists" 

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Obviously, I do not recommend the veggie sub...<br />
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thanks for the comment!

What an entertaining story! mm..I'm hungry now! :P