George Wallace Re-invented..

Sarah Palin is an opportunist looking to shine. She found it in the "tea party" in Nashville..Consequently, the county I live in also happens to have the largest "tea party" in TN....Anyway, the reason I cannot stand the woman is because her politics is shabby at best. She claims to be a conservative and all about Alaska..Saying Alaska is a very "independent" state (try:the most dependent state on govt. aid in the nation...) She didn't have a clue when she was running for vp, and now she doesn't have a clue when she's writing her books. They are chock full of contradictions. No, I didn't read the book. I didn't have to. Fact check. org told me all about her false advertising. She is like George Wallace because George Wallace did the same thing back in the 60's in Alabama. He ran, and won, on the segregationist ballot. Of course he won! Alabama was pretty racist back in that day...Just as Sarah Palin is capitalizing on America's fears of Obama now. "So how's that hopey-changey stuff workin out for ya?" Is what she asked them in Nashville...And, of course, the crowd went wild...

  Maybe, one of these days people will realize that most politicians are alot like Sarah Palin and George Wallace. They want the power and prestige that comes with office. They want the fancy clothes, the t.v. time, and the VIP treatment wherever they go that comes with being "US Royalty". Maybe one of these days people will wake up and realize that most politicians in general don't give a **** about "we the people". They care about their own bottom line, and of course, staying in power. The US is quickly dissolving into some kinda banana republic, completely split into two separate factions. liberal and conservative. We're getting nowhere except for stagnation, and it's gonna kill us...Can we find candidates that actually worry about our futures?

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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

Yes I agree, but let me add my views, our news TV stations are leading this stirring of the pot, then our goverment which is divided into the right winged racist or the left winged liberals, the right wing is so scared that a black person will do something good, that they have brought goverment to a stand still, I personally have always been a republican but have changed my vote this last election to the Demo, it so easy to see I hope all republican get voted out in this 2014 senator and congressman elections.