Boyfriend Is Deploying...

hello, i come to site because i think their are more women that i've met that are going through waht iam going though. well just to recap i met my boyfriend march 30th 2008 well we are still together and going strong. he joined the army last year 2009 and left for bootcamp january 12th 2010, going 4 months without seeing him, talking to him and only receiving letters maybe once a week was hard as it is. he was stationed to Fort Hood texas, and in july he flew me down there to spend a few weeks with him and thats when he gave me the news he told me he got his orders that he is being deployed for iraq on september 7th of this year. i cried myself to sleep that night. 7 months ago i didn't have to worry about him leaving or dying or anything all i had to worry about was what was i going to do for my birthday lol. i hate when people ask me "omg arent you scared of him dying?" my reply is"no dumbass i am going to jump for joy" of course iam scared, since i've been back from texas i can't sleep i can't eat iam scared to death. iam just a girlfriend i nothing more therefore if something were to happen to him i won't get a damn thing except for his dog tag that he gave me back when he was in bootcamp and his class ring. he doesn't want to marry me because of deployment which i think is very unfair in my eyes. but he comes home next week and i think that is when he is going to ask me hopefully. really i just need advice from anyone that is going through what iam going through. i can't stress more then the fact the love of my life is leaving for a year. thank you for listening or in this case reading!


armygirlfriend45 armygirlfriend45
Aug 1, 2010