Your worst goodbye?! ........
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my dad when he died it was my 1st funeral and the loss of a loved one

Bless you x

When my friend told me she'd meet a wonderful man and was going to get married. I knew then I had to let her go....

You never told her how you felt?x

No, I didnt tell her. I was very fond of her. All my female friends were platonic at that time in my life. I was trying to discover who I was. She was one of the few I spent a lot of my time with. But, she was swept off her feet, and she was happy. It was important to me she was happy. I bumped into her much later on. Turns out she had made a good decision back then.

Ah that's so nice, you only wanting her happiness x

The worst are the ones you dont get to say.

My father when I was hundreds of miles away for one.

Another was my angel when she left because of her painful past.

I feel your pain there, never easy saying goodbye, but you'd rather than chance to than nothing at all x

Saying good bye to a boy who I fell head over heels for after he cheated on his gf and I found out I was the other woman that good bye scarred me for life

Oh bless you. It isn't nice at all is it. Mines saying goodbye to my partner of four years, she's met someone else. I it's like I became the other woman!! Hurts to the pit of my stomach. I hope your on the mend now though Hun x