Goodbye EP... I will miss you and all my wonderful friends... I hope our paths will cross again... peace and blessings
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I hope to see you again on another site.I am on answermug.Please check it out.

I can't seem to find you there... Hopefully our paths will cross

My name is "rose" the purple rose. I will look out for you.

I am on answermug too, with the same user name

EP is coming back as

Well, actually it apparently is someone else not affiliated with ep, and we are not too sure yet if they're for real or not.

I am aware of similar worlds but it is not affiliated with EP... We shall see what it amounts to...

Come to (R2T) I am DrCroland there.
My hangout for now till I see if EP2 is for real.

I'm not letting you go.......
Nope, not gonna do it.

YOU too. I am on KIK

You too! I am on Kik and relate to that

I always enjoyed the Art in your Album, such a gift!

Thank you kindly

Goodbye from EP, join me on

is ep closing/?

Not sure how anyone missed it... but, yes... tomorrow...