Coming Home to a Dark House

I watched a scary movie about aliens a few years ago. I think it was "Signs"... I came home very late that night. It was the summer and the wind was blowing with a creepy whisper. "whooo.... whooo...." Nobody was home and our house is located in the middle of nowhere with nobody around. I literally RAN to my door way and fumbled with my keys, afraid to death that some aliens were going to appear at any moment. I almost dropped the keys. I was shaking..... I've always hated scary movies. It's so unsettling to be "stimulated" that way. I dont understand the appeal to other people.
m8gnolia m8gnolia
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3 Responses Jul 9, 2007

Um... no dont wanna go there ;) I will probably never be able to go home.

you still havent see Texas Chainsaw Massacre, have you? =P

I find it helpful to think of happy thoughts in situations like those.