It's Not About The Work

It's about all of the dicks, "popular people", etc. Every school has em but some more than others. The dicks pretty much make people who have trouble in their life even bigger. The "popular people", a.k.a the preps, think they are the hot ****. They think that no one can match up to their standardsThey brag on all of the things they have making others feel worse than they do. HEY IT'S NOT OUT FAULT WE ARE POOR! They think pretty much that they are God. Just about everyone of those I listed are immature too. They talk too much about nonsense and not enough about things that matter. The people in my school pick on the mentally challanged too. Yeah that's horrible. One kid at my school will do anything to make people happy but others take advantage to that. One that rides my bus tries to put his window down while douches keep pushing it back up. I don't know what it is about them. I mean if you are going to be a bully, do it to someone who can and will fight back. I'm not encouraging that though. No bullying. That will probably drive someone to do a school shooting, suicide, etc. Why is it in our nature to do that? Well fortunatly our school also has the same people but they can have good days. We have no gangs, no drug users, but people who drink, alot. In elemetry, the people I looked up too eventually became these people. The ones who go un-noticed are the unsung heroes of tommorrow. Sure the work may suck but what's even worse is knowing that worse things will happen if this continues. People rarely pick on me because they think of me as psycho. That's another thing. Just because getting cut, punched, kicked, whatever else doesn't hurt me doesn't mean I'm psycho. People are too quick to judge. If they truly knew me I could be seen, but no, they choose to look to the preps. Judge not less ye be judged yourself.

soulofmusic soulofmusic
22-25, M
Mar 23, 2010