Should I Move?

I go to a good school but i don't like the kids in there. They are all snobby and stupid. They don't bully me or anything but i just hate breathing the same air as them.  they don't even offer the A.P classes for me. ( 9th grader). I hated this city for years now. And i now want to move to a far away city. it's not that far only 20 minutes. And they have an amazing school. it has more extracurricular courses! and A.P classes for me. I want to change schools. But i have made really close friends here. and they don't want me to leave. and i love them to death but i don't know whether to leave them. because i don't know if i'll like it over there or anything. So do i risk it all? Should i leave my closest friends? I hate everything about here where i live. Everyday i wake up and i'm already hating it.  Help please :3

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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

This sounds like me. Minus the close friends part. :P All mine dumped me this year actually.<br />
I am in 9th as well. I say do whatever makes you happy. Life is short. Why waste it on unhappy trials?