Unfair Punishment?


I am extremly annoyed right now because of something my maths teacher said today and I now officially hate school. As you may see from  my picture I am a young carer, I only live with my father who has alzheimer's.

On Friday (today is Monday) my maths teacher set a really hard 2 hour (that took most people in my class at least 3.5 hours) mock exam that was due in today. Over the weekend my father forgot who I was completely (this is the first time this had happened) and so doing the things I normally do around the house (cooking, cleaning, getting him dressed etc) was a lot harder as he thought I was a stranger. I also had an English controlled assessment today for my GCSE and we had to do a rough draft and learn it for homework over the weekend. I spent the nights when my dad was asleep doing my English for an hour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as I CANNOT resit this controlled assessment and it was a creative writing task which is my favourite and the one that's likely to bring my grade up. Anyway, basically I didn't do the maths homework.

I had maths today period 3 and my teacher starts off the lesson by asking who had done the homework. He got everyone to stand up and, as he called your name in the register, you either had to walk up to the front of the class and hand in the mock or say "No homework Sir." My name is the last in the register and so by the time he called my name everyone was sat down. Yeah, it turns out EVERYBODY else completed the homework, even the guy who was ill on Friday when it was set (he got a friend to photocopy it). Reluctantly I say "No homework Sir" and he looks at me and walks right towards my desk. "And Why, oh why Miss Smith have YOU not done your homework when everybody else has? Hmmmm?" he asked. I couldn't exactly just blurt out, "Oh, you know my dad just forgot who I was all weekend and tried to kick me out several times because he thought I was trying to steal his stuff so I didn't really have time on top of the cooking, cleaning, dressing, oh and then there was the power cut which completly freaked him out because he's scared of the dark" could I? So I just went for the casual "forgot" answer. He sent me outside and set the class some work to do while we were talking.

He comes out and asks me what really happened (I'm not the type to 'forget' homework, I normally do it in the library instead of at home) and I explain that "I'm a young carer and this weekend was a rough one and I just didn't have time, I am sorry sir". He told me to get in and get on with my work. At the end of the lesson he keeps me behind and says "I'm sorry that your weekend was tough but you have to learn to get your priorities straight. You have to decide between good grades and your father. I'm giving you detention after school on Thursday for two hours." On Thursdays my aunt comes down to look after my father so that I can go and help at the local Rainbow Unit (It's sort of my restbite to enjoy myself) I explained that Thursdays were my restbite days and he just said "Great, then there's no excuse for you not turning up."

This little conversation meant that I was late for my English controlled assessment and so only had 30 minutes out of 45 (my English teacher is nice and probably would have let me have 15 minutes during lunch if I had needed it but that's not the point).

I went and complained about my maths teacher to my deputy head teacher and his response was "I'll look into it for you" which, coincidently is the same thing he said after I was beaten up earlier this year by some boys in the year above and had my left wrist broken (which makes caring very difficult) and when my friend was being bulllied (he did do something about this AFTER she had commited suicide).

This is why I hate school: the promise that they are there for you and can fix problems when usually (in my school anyway) they aren't and they just make them worse.

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I agree that it was terrible for your teacher to treat you this way. I notice that he did not try to understand your situation. I have experienced a similar thing when I was late for lunch. Sometimes I forget my homework too, and since this was your first time doing this your teacher should've let you off easy.

that's awful, some teachers r sooo bad, why the hell do they become teachers if they dont care about us kids? i feel soo sorry for u, hope things get betta wiv ur dad.