Just Plain Horrible

just as i was starting to make friends this year with other students and even teachers my mom decided we were moveing and i would have to go to a new school. now to a lot of people this sounds like a great way to make new friends but no this was a way to torture me. everyone at this school HATES ME and iv'e only been there for 2 weeks WTF. so here is all the problems with this school(i mean prison)

1.everyones a total *******

2.teachers are bland as bran

3.got bathrooms we cant use (they were vandalized at the beginning of the year still cant use them)

4.at lunch we arent allowed to get up to even throw our trash away(no wonder its always a mess)

5. the teachers make up excuses to yell at you

6. every single ******* kid walks up to me and talks about SWAG the most annoying phrase ever

please wish me luck in the comments as i pray for online school PLEASE GOD
pantera21 pantera21
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

still more just didnt know if it would fit