Hate Hate Hate

I hate a number of things about school... The people there, how every kid thinks they're better than the next. If you do drugs and are 17 and an alcoholic you pretty much fall into the catagory of most popular person in school! Kids are cruel, picking on the fat, the special ed kids, and the shy kids. I feel bad that most of the people getting picked on have such low-self esteems because they have yet to realize those kids that are picking on them, will probably end up working at McDonald's their whole lives, while they're the bosses. I hate how everything has to be a clique. If you are not in a clique by your freshman year, chances are you won't have many friends.

I also hate the teachers. Lets face it, most of them never wanted to teach and are only there because they failed out of their first original major in college and teaching was the last resort. The majority of teachers at my school are lazy scum bags who don't give a **** about you. They want to be out of that school just as much as the rest of us and they can't so they become pissy.

Then there's waking up in the morning, going to a place you hate, there's the mondays, theres the gross lunches... My school is cheap and doesn't put soap in the bathrooms anymore so its freakin disgusting!

I'm good in school but these are the things I notice and it ussually ****** me off and I just feel like complaining right now lol... I wish high school would just end.
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Could you sign this petition: change.org/petitions/board-of-education-and-all-educational-facilities-and-municipalities-reform-education-so-that-it-s-fair-for-all-and-not-for-the-elite-few-or-the-dull-many-no-child-left-behind

Very Understanding... very.

I Hate school!
-Waking up too early to go to a place you hate!
-Going to school by stupid overloaded Underground full of ill people!
-Learning things u will never use in daily life: Algebra, History (And here in the Dutch Gymnasium also Old Greek and Latin)
-8 hours smell of f****** chalkpowder!