I completely hate school, every time I try to talk to people I freak out and start to have a panic attack. So I usually stay at the back by my self. I hate it
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Could you sign this petition: change.org/petitions/board-of-education-and-all-educational-facilities-and-municipalities-reform-education-so-that-it-s-fair-for-all-and-not-for-the-elite-few-or-the-dull-many-no-child-left-behind

I hated school too! But there is actually no Need to. Try to start out small, talk to one single person at a time, talk to him/her when there is nobody Else around. Ask him/her just a simple question or compliment them. Im sure they will be doing the same thing back Very soon, and remember. You are perfect and beautiful as You are.
Much love!

Thank you, I will defiantly try.

Is there no one at home or school you can confide in?


Earlier today I messaged a young lad who seemed more your age and asked if he would have a chat with you. Obviously that didn't happen. I will try and find someone for you to chat with if you want. Just let me know

Oh yeah I've just seen his response. Don't be alone with these issues. Just approach someone your age on the site. There's usually quite a few teenagers looking for someone to talk to. Good luck


You are totally welcome young lady. Don't go through any pain alone.
Good luck

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