My teachers are ******* me off! I passed out yesterday and I have classes in the other building and as is I am weak and having a hard time getting from classes right next to each other and my teacher in the other building is being a stupid *****. I am not gonna pass out today because of her! I don't have anyone to make sure I make it to that class! She can even call the people that took my blood yesterday and they will tell her what they told my dad, not only did I pass out I had a seizure! So as far as I am concerned if she wants to hell at me she can go right on ahead but I can't help it! I ****** HATE HER!!!!!!!
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

Well you seriously have to do something about it. I never tire on this site by telling you school kids that it will improve your situation if you can make sure there's someone closer to home aswell that you can talk to. We can only listen from afar and not do much but let you vent your anger out on us. Find a member of family or someone else that you can talk to. For example if you were my younger sister or neice you would of contacted me by now and I would of sorted it for you in a proper way. These teachers don't know they are ******* so many kids off because it's never brought to their attention.
Good luck and don't let this ruin your weekend