I Hate Wen This Happens!!!

I Hate It Wen I Have A BoyFriend And The Other One Gets All Up Set :@

One Dayy I Went Skattin A Realli Fitt Boy Asked Me Out Called Ronnie And I Kept On Goin Dunno Dunno Lol But On Msn I Got His Addi And Said Yes
Then This Boy Liam My Ex BoyFriend Said Wil You Go Out Wit Me I Go No He Got All Upset I Try To Cheer Him Up But I Cant And He Gav Me A Valentines Card As Well And He Stil Not Talkin To Me And It Say In Tha Card : I Always Want To Be With You EveryDay That Is How Much I Love You From ? xxxx Lol I Asked Him On Msn If it Was Him He Said Yes But He Stil Not Happy With Me But... Im Stayin With Ronnie

JazzyImLovinIt JazzyImLovinIt
Feb 16, 2009