Hate Never Helped Anyone.


Religion is never a good start for a new clique, mainly because religious people demand respect for their beliefs and then go on believing themselves right because everyone thinks 'oh, they aren’t hurting anyone, let them believe what they will’…I suppose it depends on your definition of ‘hurt’ as well as your outlook on humanity. I’m a softy; I think most people can be ‘good’ without moral guidelines or the dream of an afterlife, therefore I believe that Humanities triumphant longevity(individually and species-wise) will come through science and a common trust in science from the general public… that means forgetting our archaic mechanisms for dealing with existence, finding ways to help each and every human now and into the future, and focusing on the bigger picture, the bigger picture is the human species and our long term success.

After reading a little on scientology (after that last sentence and before this), I am not surprised that someone made a church founded on quasi-science. But really, its no more unbelievable then a man dieing and rising again who was a virgin birth that once told his follows to eat and drink him (Not just Jesus, there’s a whole range of pagan ‘deities’ that played this trick). I’ll bet we see more religions ‘founded’ with scientific themes. I’ll bet they do not catch on and scientists will scoff at them.

I need a stress test.


“”””Church of Scientology defines Scientology as "'the study of truth.' It comes from the Latin word 'scio' meaning 'knowing in the fullest sense of the word' and the Greek word 'logos' meaning 'study of.'"[67]”””””


Ha! Shall we all say scio so that we shall know in the fullest sense of the word. Circular reasoning, science should be renamed if it’s name comes from that same source…because science is about exploring, not knowing. If you know, then there’s nothing new for you.

Lets all join the study of knowing in the fullest sense of the word, or not, let’s just be animals that think and think as best we can.


P.S. if you are a scientologist, I do not hate you.


***Response to old self***


Having said this "forgetting our archaic mechanisms for dealing with existence", I revoke that in light of recent considerations. I can justify anything with logic, even the most heinous acts, but it’s the feeling these evoke that counts in the final tally. I can stand up in court for a man that hits kiddies, but I would not feel that it was right. The archaic mechanisms have evolved and are a solid part of our outlooks. Some might be altered through deep consideration of the logic surrounding the topic, but more often than not we find it hard to ignore those archaic feelings. In schools, children should be taught how to think as well as how to feel, and how to combine feeling and thought in a useful way to provide the groundwork for flexible life-strategies.

For example, I have no work ethic. I know I should work harder and earn money to ensure financial freedom, but I cannot help but feel like I am betraying myself by doing so, because I feel the old hate of authority, the old resistance to doing anything that does not make me happy, I am a victim of my archaic emotions, mixed with my modern outlook it is a mighty confusing mess.

My confusion just goes to show, you can never trust yourself to hold one opinion endlessly, if you do then you’re lying.  

Isn’t life a freaken confusing mix of degrees and certainties?

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We can vote for scariest mofo?<br />
I choose Michael Jackson

I hope people like him are rare, although it's hard to tell

wasn't he just? there was a man I could vote for in an election...

We should, if we want that outcome, start dropping hints about the end of the world to scientologists.

Have you seen tom cruise on the scientology recruitment video? He is a NUT! He makes no points as he rabbles on about what it feels like to be a scientologist.<br />
One point he makes is that scientologists are the only people who help car accident victims.