I wish I could rant for so long about how much I hate cults- I mean, Scientology. But I can't. Because I'm too smart to argue with 4 year old mentality. And we all understand...

If you've never, please go to

It will only make you feel more creeped out!!

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I would much rather believe in Peter Pan or Santa! Peter Pan just didn't want to get old and loose his sense of adventure. That's totally understandable. And Santa gives me presents on Christmas. That's awesome! But Scientology?! UGH!

Oh gosh, I understand how you feel about this. it just riles me up so much... I mean, how do grown ups believe in this? are these the peter pans of the world? or people whose parents told them santa was a lie too early?<br />
I mean come the fark on!<br />