Hate Is Too Strong a Word

 Hate is too strong a word for what I feel about Scientology. It's simply idiotic. Though there are those who would say no more so than a virgin birth with a star that traveled over thousands of miles with men following it on camels, etc. Nevertheless, I feel it takes a particularly ignorant and poorly educated type of American film star to popularize nit-wittery  of this sort and call it a religion.   

Devlen Devlen
61-65, F
2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I dislike religion, but to call scientology a real religion is a joke obviously it is a religion as a tax dodge. Religion has a story revolving around a god not some weird fying saucer sc-fi story.

Hey, if you don't hate it yet look up Lisa McPherson, Fair Game policy, and XENU.NET