i don't think we can hate what we don't know much about thats just wrong and would be judgmental before i know anything about it

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<i>"I'm all for freedom of religion, but not when the religion is actively trying to take other freedoms from people."</i><br />
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Then you are not at all for religious freedom. Your agument can be applied to every single religion in the world. The simple truth is that people VOLUNTARILY join religions. It may be true that scientology, like all religions, restricts a person's freedoms. However, shouldn't people have the right to join a religion that you and I feel restricts their freedoms? Joining a religion is a kind of a big deal. Don't you think people research the CoS before joining it? Would you make a life altering commitment to marry someone after a first date? of course not you wouldn't. Then why on earth would someone make a life altering commitment to join a religion without conducting research first? You make it seem like all scienos are mentally retarded idiots who lack the ability to make decisions. <br />
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You are forgetting the element of <b>choice</b>. Scientology wouldn't exist if people didn't choose to maintain scieno beliefs. Can't people voluntarily choose to enslave themselves to religion?My point is simple: People should have the right to voluntarily join religions that you and I hate. The mere fact that you and I hate a religion does not entitle us with a right to unsolictedly shove our views down the throats of other people concerning their religious choices. You are basically saying, "I am all for religious freedom unless it's a religion I hate, and I hate scientology so @#$ them." You fail to understand that the freedom of religion was meant to guard against peopel like you, who pick and choose which religions they think are worthy of religious protection.

I was invited to join the local church here in Dallas. I've actually read quite a bit of Ron Hubbard's works too. <br />
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Perhaps no more strange than any other religion, Scientology I think is more bogus simply because it has no basis in anything besides one man's imagination, where Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and the like are religions that evolved out of ancient premonitions and human experience.