A Scum-bag In A Suit

I just watched an interview with James baker, Secretary of the Treasury in the Bush administration, on CNN. He gets asked ‘what is his opinion on measures taken against Iran at the moment’?. You know what he answers? He says, “Well, the sanctions are beginning to ‘bite’ and Iran is feeling the pressure, and then blah blah blah”. That’s when I teleported myself over to continue the interview in front of a million people,
Blah“What you mean ‘biting’ Mr.Baker? Tell it like it is you hear? Leave nothing out, o.k?
Mr.Baker “Well, I mean by imposing restrictions on Iran’s trade, we are effectively now crippling Iran’s economy”
Blah “And?”
Mr.blacksuit “Well, by crippling the economy we cause unemployment figures and poverty levels to rise as would happen in any economy under pressure”.
Blah ‘And?”
Mr.Blacksuit “Well, kids will go hungry as parents lose their jobs, mothers and families will suffer, education systems and basic infrastructure will collapse etc. Eventually different factions within Iran will fight to try to take control over the mess and we’ll have US corporations on standby to come ‘help’ make it right again once the whole country collapses”
Blah “So you punish a whole nation, mothers and children included, because you don’t like their government? Even if they have nothing to do with their government? Even if they’re just trying to live their lives like anyone else would? You take it upon yourself to ruin hundreds of thousands of innocent peoples lives while you live in the lap of luxury?
Mr.Blacksuit “That’s right Blah, everyone must be punished. Don’t you just love it?”
Blah “Geez…thank you Mr.Barker, for helping make the world a better place. You’re my idol!”
Mr.Blacksuit “It’s my pleasure Blah”

YBlah YBlah
Dec 9, 2012