Sl My Experiences And Why I Left.

Well I decided to delete my former story after revisiting Sl to see if what others said about it was truebesides my own experiences and it is,I deleted everything in my inventory, closed my account and removed it off my computer.Any game that encourages or causes one to become addicted or waste so much time, is not worth it. I consider my experiences in such a fantasy world over and therefore no need to write any long post, but again good riddance to Sl.

An update, though I wasnt there very long in all two months total I wonder why I was even there in the first place, it really is a time waster and a place filled with mostly rude and snobbish people, I wont even mention the many disgusting places that you find there,[I now realize that many people have a few accounts and different avatars,you happen to meet them over and over by chance ,so you think but their style of chatting gives them away,as to why they do this I have no idea. its really a sick game and is better avoided. People if your looking to enjoy a game get yourselves sims or something similar, if you're looking for online chat then join a chat group or something but stay away from SL. Read about all the damage that its done to peoples lives,just google it and see for yourselves.

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I left Second Life after being bombed with images from snuff and crush videos. Children dismembered, adults being cut with hack saws,kitties being maimed, burned tortured and beheaded and animals skinned alive. People had to pay to upload these images and turn them into poofers and sell them on MKtplace. Then some other sick **** had to buy them and set them out. I do not know who would think such tragedy and horror is funny. This was the final straw for me after the perverts, the rude people, the people who think they are Gods and thieves and liars and MKtplace. Do yourself a favor and never go there. Why involve yourself in a space that contains images that anywhere else would land you in jail. I wish I had never logged in to spare myself those images that are now in my head.

metiswoman67, sorry to hear about your marriage, when one really comes to think about it, cheating is cheating virtual or not and second life makes that readily available, unfortunately even those who didnt set out to visit the twisted parts of second life meet people who introduce you to such places as in my case,mind you there are always some nice people but weighed on the balance,the damage that the SL game/virtual fantasy does is heavier than any possible good.I still believe its best stayed away from.P.S. from what I saw there in my short time it is a place that seems to drift deeply into the virtual sex.

I agree power...SL ruined my marriage. It gave my ex an opportunity to explore areas that were disgusting. This exploration eventually found its way to our bedroom. He changed, almost over night. Although there are plenty of G rated sights on SL, by and large it's become a sight for virtual sex.

I havent been to this site in awhile so I just saw your comment, I really cant believe I got into SL again good riddance to that place and thanks for the comment.

Finally someone spoke the truth about SL other than the politically laiden "website" of a forum they have running under that fascist LL. <br />
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You did the right thing, SL is truly a time-waster filled with said-persons. It's all about control and gaining as much L as possible. LL is also at fault, they hustle and bustle the consumer by making them as addicted to their platform as possible and draining them of their money for said "experiences". People behave like Queens and Kings on that Second-Life and expect the entirety of others to bend over and kiss their cahoots or wave the all-knowing AR as a form of manipulation. Its really is filled with nasty, trash ran people involved in mostly clicks and a bunch of social hogwash/drama llama's trying to be the peacock of the e-world. I feel sorry for any newbie that comes to SL without a friend or two, people on their act like wolves and love to outcast/take-advantage of people who are only a day or week old. <br />
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I've started to record my SL experience anytime i log on there now on what SL REALLY is beside the pretty ADS and a few places LL sprinkles on to basically deceive people into thinking this is a friendly community where you can create what you want almost, but it's a place for the desperate and self-sophisticated snobs that run around acting important or just trollish behavior. People get kicks in AR spam accounts so they get locked by LL, i am not joking about that. Even more stupid is that LL encourages the AR spams, so ANYONE can manipulate this just by dropping one into a AR-happy group.