Yes Second Life became the only life my husband wanted. We were married 30 years and it took approximately 3 years of this **** until I woke up. If he was not playing this game he would become angry, defensive. I could not understand the fact he gave up a real life for what I called "La La Land". As soon as he walked in the door from work went straight to the computer. I did everything in the house because he took no pride in anything, no interest in real life. We could not be in the room with him, he would become angry because he would have to close off what ever he was doing. He got married, had a child on this game. I tried to make him see how bad his life was becoming and how it was affecting the family. He changed in his personallity, appearance, not grooming etc. He would no longer spend time with me or interested in family or life outside of his little box. Everyone could see what was going on but not him. He actually created another family in the box getting married and having a child. I confronted him and still he could not leave it alone . I sat waiting and finally had enough told him that I wanted more from a marriage then what this game was offering me. I wanted to live in reality. He wanted to know what it would take. I said you have to get off this game. He point blank looked at me and said "NO" that won't happen. The marriage ended because I could not accept how crazy, stupid, sick, the situation became. We are no longer together. I am living and trying to create a real life but sadly he is rotting away still looking into the box. It is an addiction and takes their soul/life everything good away. I believe he is doomed to live out a lonely life. He will miss out on the real life of his children, the future life we will live and enjoy for real. He is not even reconizable in appearance. He has aged about 20 years, wonders why no communication. He left but I ended it, I don't think he actually gets it. It's a sad ******* situation. I often think the creator(s) of this **** should be accountable.....for the damage its created, done.
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Sounds exactly like my life...I too have moved on and left my husband of 20 years so he can have his fantasy world. I raise 3 kids alone and he lives his life alone in a virtual world in a 1 bedroom apartment. All that matters is the "24" year old girlfriend in fantasy world...thing is he believes He will die a lonely old man but that is his choice.