you people are ******* losers, you ruined your life not the game, you need to take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming your A typical personality disorder on the game. Ive been playing every single day for 8 years, and yet SL has not affected my RL. ive been married twice IRL but it wasnt caused by SL.

best advice ever, GROW THE **** UP
loserlameo loserlameo
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You're pathetic. And I feel sorry for your spouse. Maybe if you spent a little more time focused on your Real Life - you'd know what you're doing to jeopardize it. You probably have a great family who loves you - in spite of any issues you might have. I've been happily married - to the love of my life - and we have 3 wonderful grown children and 4 wonderful grandsons. I found my husband's behavior began to change and I didn't know why. I kept blaming myself, and even went to counseling. He insisted on going with me - where he lied not only to me, but to our counselor. Second Life is an addictive game for people who have addictive behavior issues can easily become connected with something that gives them that 'rush' they crave. Watch out - you could lose everything you hold dear!!!

Lol sl had nothing to do with your failed marriages well I would like to hear that from your exs. True sl is not to blame however the ppl that become addicted need to just address their rl issues as you do. Steady job, not overweight, a healthy love life where you are touching someone besides yourself I doubt all of these happy rl things are in your rl I doubt it though because you press log on every day for 8 years

Oh shut the **** up both of you. When someone is addicted to crack who do we blame? The ******* dumbass addicts! If you are married in the real world you should not be sexually involved with anyone else physically or virtually. Even if it is a game it is EMOTIONALY cheating. Blaming others for your shortcomings and mistakes is for the weak. And you all, my friends, are weak.

8 years on Sl? Linden Labs must adore you. How much money have you plowed into that haven for perverts, animal torturers, pedophiles and rapists? You have lost 2 marriages and that is nothing to do with Sl? Yeah, maybe you need to rethink that. Please get out of your chair, get away from LindenLand and go a museum, a park or get a frigging hobby.

You've been playing every single day for 8 years? Holy ****! Who's the loser? Telling people to grow up. Wow. Your failed marriage was probably based on something else. Okay...Whatever. Don't be a ****. Or a *****. Can't tell your gender. either can go **** yourself. Thanks.