I Don't Cry

I don't hate to see people cry, I hate to be with people crying because I don't do that. I've been to funerals, most of them I've managed to hide in the back. But when I was young a close relative died (the only one who understood me) and I had to be in the front. Everyone were sobbing and crying... but me. I remember my grandma looked at me with a strange face. Now I have learned the good use of tissues. Noone can see if you are crying or not if you rub eyes with it and then you will not be questioned. As a kid I thought they should get rid of that tissue-thing because everyone kept irritating their eyes with it...

I don't know what to do when someone cries. If a kid falls, it cries. It's easy to make it all right again. If someone is injured and cries, that is also easy. But people crying without (to me) obvious reson... that makes me very awkward.
transcendent transcendent
Aug 11, 2010