I Remember The One In Colorado

I was just a seventh grader when the school shooting in Colorado happened. I still remember that school shooting. My jr high school almost had a school shooting of its own. If it wasn't for someone that said something. There have been way to many school shootings sense 1999. Its so sad to hear about them. Also to hear about the people that got shot at. Now its even sadder when its cute little kids. Ever sense the school shooting in Colorado. All of the others have been a form of a copy cat. The hardest part will be if there is a copy cat after the school shooting that happened to day. Schools are supposed to be a safe place for kids. Not a place that they have to be afraid for their lives. I hate to see on the news about a school shooting. I know that this world is getting more wicked. There really isn't that many safe places any more. But please people keep all of our schools a safe place to be. Where non one has to worry about something happening to them.
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Is any place safe for children anymore? :(