Just Ban The Stupid Guns And Be Done With It!

-That's all there is to it. Look at Germany. They have the strictest gun laws and it works for them. Look at Serbia. Yes, Serbia. How low do you have to stoop to have to look at Serbia and see that the gun law there works better than the US approach?!
Just get rid of the guns, and make the laws so that it's next to impossible to get new ones.
Problem solved.
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<p>ok so i you want my guns youll HAVE to priay them from my cold dead hand... oh ps if you want to abn gun DONTcome crying to me for help when you are being muged robbed or raped.</p>

Be honest. How much do you know about the gun control law that Obama plans to use?

I completely agree.
Coming from a country with strict gun laws, I fail to see how Americans do not notice the advantages of civilians not having guns. Americans say that the bad people always manage to get guns even in countries with strict gun laws. I say you have no idea what you're talking about. There is a world of difference between a few bad guys managing to get guns illegally on one hand and shootouts happening every few days (and by children!) on the other hand.

the bad guys will stillhave guns

the bad guys do not care about rules or right of others

till you enforce the guns laws with being locked up of death nothing will change way to many guns stolen each year

first offence shout be 10 years for a crime with a gun if the gun is stolen it becomes 20 years age as no effect

tired of here kids killing other and sayine well on tv they just get back up

There are existing anti-gun tactics that work. They are in use in many countries across the world and they are highly effective. Look it up on the internet.

Sure but you break a law you get punished
here nothing happens to many goodie two shoes to protect the rights of the bad guys

I'm not sure I understand what you meant by what you said, so sorry if anything I say ends up sounding offensive. Laws exist as deterrents to anyone considering criminal activity. And I understand the whole "bad guys get to keep their guns". But what is also true is that the police forces are constantly weeding out illegal firearms. If legal firearms became prohibited, then in a span of a year or so, it would become very difficult for criminals to obtain the weapons they need. In another year or two, it would be next to impossible. When the law was enforced in Serbia a few years back, you had to obtain a license in order to keep your gun (something that was and still is very difficult). Otherwise, you had to hand it over or the police would come and seize it, and you would be charged with illegal weapons possession. Serbia had as big of a gun culture as the US. And the results were positive. It might still be a work in progress, but it's clearly working. Now, if something like that can happen in a county so deeply riddled with corruption on so many levels, than why would it be anything but good for a country like the USA, much of those problems were rooted out years ago? I'm sorry, the last thing I want to come of as insulting, but I don't understand why so many people don't want to see this.