Making The World Hotter And Uglier

Nine years ago I moved from a rural mid-western community to a suburb of Atlanta. One of the things which always sickens me about this place is how trees and woodlands are constantly being destroyed to build subdivisions, ***** malls, and highways. Whats more I see idiots in my neighborhood cutting down beautiful shade trees in their yards leaving their houses exposed to the hot sun. I keep asking "why?!"
Last year the neighbor behind us cut down two lovely tall oak trees which helped shade our backyard. One of the tree-cutters told my husband that he tried to explain to her that they were hardwoods and less likely to fall. She was supposedly concerned about them falling on our house. What the hell is insurance for? If she had bothered to ask us we would have told her to save her money and the trees as they were something which we enjoyed.
Trees not only lend beauty and shade to a home place but help conserve on cooling costs in the summer. I get so angry and disheartened when I see healthy trees being cut. It seems people here have no appreciation of nature or wildlife. I predict that within fifty years the Atlanta area will be one hot ugly asphalt desert.
alabaster66 alabaster66
46-50, F
May 15, 2012