Is There Anyone Out There...

im so upset i just feel like nobody cares about me or anyone else in general its like everybody around me is so selfish i havent found a person that literally has a good heart and it upsets me and i understand people get hurt all the time which sucks but why take advantage of the people who ACTUALLY care about you and are there for you whenever you need them. i just feel like a door mat that everyone just walks on im too nice to people and i love helping people whenever i can but since i twisted my foot 2 days ago i am not able to do things by myself which sucks so much... i ask my sister for one little favour and she just says no i cant believe it i had to walk all the way downstairs with my foot which I CANT WALK ON so i can open the door for her and she yells at me for not opening the door faster and calling me a princess just because i said i cant even walk... and my best friend didnt even help me at all when i was at her house the day i got hurt she was in her own world while i was in pain and i coudlnt walk and the whole time she thought i was faking i just cant believe people these days i am disgusted by this world i just feel like everyone has someone that cares for them except for me
lostinthisworldxo lostinthisworldxo
May 12, 2012