Selfish People, This Is the World You're Building!

I'm not saying I believe that everyone should be martyrs, but everyone should weigh the needs of other people into their actions and be willing to give at least a little. I really am repulsed by people who have this "dog eat dog world" attitude. I really believe in working together and community. My dad used to say, "There are givers and recievers". I know there is, but I just think it's wrong. I think that we should all be both. If everyone focused on the giving, then we would all be recieving, but because some people are so focused on their own recieving, they rob other people of being able to recieve and they just suck the givers dry. I love to be able to give to someone that I know is going to pass on the blessings- you know, "paying it forward". That is what God wants us to do- take care of each other and keep being condusive of blessings. Blessing hoarders really make me ill and even angry. Greedy, selfish people!
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1 Response Aug 5, 2007

I agree with you. The art of balancing giving and taking seems to be a lost one.<br />
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I have the same attitude as you - if you give, you will receive it back in spades.<br />
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I am married to someone who claims that they don't know how to give. Bullshit! She is just selfish and will take all she can get. It's obviously causing problems in our marriage.<br />
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