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Today I was initially shocked at what happened in Newtown CT like most people. Having 2 kids, 13 & 10, it made me feel insecure about their well being as any parent would. At the dinner table tonight we talked about what had happened, what they knew and what they had heard. In school they heard nothing of which I was glad. Tonight as the details emerged further and with my kids around and my girl wanting to be held I had to keep my emotions in check as I held my baby girl in my arms. It felt more comforting to me then it did for her I'm sure. Now they are safe in bed, well more like sleeping in sleeping bags in the huge tent/fort they built together. They asked so many questions about what had happened today, told us what they would do if something happened at their school and then when all was said and done went back to being kids, building their fort and the laughter I heard from them made me even more aware of how special they are. After my kids were in bed & I started to watch the 10 pm shows all about what had happened I just about lost it. I have a friend who I unfortunately told to them what had happened today as it was unfolding and their reactiuon was what is mine now. The anxiety you have that I am feeling now they felt immediately. I feel so bad for the parents of the children killed and can't imagine the what if that was my kid. The unthinkable has happened again in our country. The unthinkable that tears your heart apart especially when you have kids
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Life is a gift.....we sometimes take it for granted that it is here.....yesterday brought it up close and personal. Having lived through 9-11 and the helplessness that you feel watching and control.....only is unimaginable to the brain that it is happening at all.. BUT...a child....before is just beyond words......NO PARENT SHOULD EVER BURY A CHILD!!!!!!! And to have their lives taken by a senseless act of violence....why??? Life as we know it will never be the same...I grew up where every mother "watched" you and you came home when the street lights came on. Life was fun and you lived it. Now we send our kids to school..the one place you knew they were safe and this happens?? We hardly know our "play" video games and childhood obesity is out of control as a result. When we had a "called them out" on the playground, had your fight..and the next day you were best friends again. There were no fear!!! How could this have happened????? We need to hold our children a little closer them...protect them and cherish every single second you have....They are our heart goes out to all those families, and to the selfless teachers and staff who gave their lives to protect them.....10 days before Christmas!!!!!

It's going to take some time to recover from this senseless tragedy. I grew up in those days too, when you got off the bus your parents already knew what screw up you did that day because they got a call from someone who was a friend.

Yes and you got your *** beat as soon as you got home because your mom already knew what you did wrong because someone's mom already informed her....we turned out fine....we lived life and noone died like this!!!.

I just do not even have words.. it is unfathomable ...

I'm at a loss too

The children that survived that will never again feel safe in a classroom, or maybe anywhere else. How to comfort a 6 year old who saw their best friend get shot? There is no explanation, no easy solution..Unbelievable nightmare for all involved.

Hopefully, professionals can help. I can't even imagine if it were my kids

I don't think I have managed to untangle my emotions yet .. sad, terrified, upset, angry, confused, despondant .. so many things to feel and not sure how to deal with them all.

As a parent you do the best you can for your kids, but not everything is in your control .. hold them too tigh and you loose them, don't hold them tight enough and you loose them.

I think sometimes you need to go on living in your own little bubble or the rest of the world may just drive you insane :(

I've gone through the gamut of emotions tonight as well. It's when the things that are out of your control affect you the most especially when it come to your kids which bring you to your knees.