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I used to crave sex when I was younger, it was all I could think about (yeah, I have heard all the stereotypes, so save it). After having sex, I feel empty and disgust. I know it sounds weird, but I desire something more. I find it more satisfying having an intellectual conversation with someone. I hate it when people at work (even other women) whistle out or say sexual inuendos. Those kind of things devalue a person. Let me know how you feel about where I am coming from. Maybe I am the only one that has these types of feelings on the subject....
stevenpfeiffer stevenpfeiffer
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3 Responses Nov 11, 2010

well, Machee, I feel sorry for my husband too,and I would totally be fine with him having an affair. <br />
I guess you missed the part where I said I wasn't always like this. <br />
For the first 3 years sex was great. but it gradually went downhill after that. <br />
It's only been revolting for the past 4 years. <br />
I tried talking to him about cutting the frequency of sex down to 4 or 5 times a month but he threw a fit, punching a hole in the wall, yelling and slammming doors. <br />
no, I'm not going to go there again. no point. he doesn't care, and that only<br />
turns me off more.

Your not I feel the exact same way.

i agree as well but maybe the kind of sex that is stereotyped in society so much just isnt for you. try something new.mix it up a little