I Hate Those Words.

Sexy, hot, ugly, fat, skinny, etc. They're just words to express lust or repellingness.
When I talk about a person I just think of them in terms of I (don't) like her/him. It's as simple as that.
Of course appearance is the first thing you 'see' but why make it so complicated and prejudgemental?
Hmm, I don't know. A lot of arguments and the risk of feeling insecure are linked to those words.
So I'd rather not use them, it's like they're in a zoo or something.
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I like when a person has the intelligence to know how to present themselves decently, and that presentation encompasses many different spheres, not just physical appearance. I don't usually judge someone based on some list or criteria I have that they must meet, though you can't deny that some things are just natural turn-ons or turn-offs. What is really cool though is when someone who is at a disadvantage can use his/her intelligence to make up for it. What is really not cool is someone born attractive who doesn't have a brain and who usually thinks they deserve to be treated a certain way because they are "attractive".

I am another who will not use those words, especially if I find someone who is attractive I never call her sexy, or the above words. I have a different way of describing her.

Sex is not everything to be honest.

Thank you for letting me know your opinion.

I had a work colleague who pulled her socks out of the locker and she was saying how sexy it was. When She put them on she said I am like sexy with these socks. I told her I very rarely ever use the word sexy to describe something. I don't even call a machine I am very interested in sexy.

Do you feel strong emotions towards machines? Do you feel attracted to them?

I am very interested in it's mechanics. I have heard other people ie call their cars and etc sexy. Same goes to their material possessions I have heard people use these words to describe them.

Sexually I am Asexual (Not attracted to either Genders)

Oh, yes I once saw a women who married the Eiffel Tower. It's possible. Nice to know you've figured out you're 'orientation'. I am Neutrois (not feeling wo(man), it's not like being androgynous, which is a combination of both 'genders', but it's feeling like there is no gender. A Genderless person, so to speak.) I have written a story about it if you want to know more about it. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

I have saw a Woman Marrying an Eiffle Tower and some guy having sex with his car. I think they are called Object Sexuals

I never heard of the Neutrois.

As for my Orientation I did suffer with a lot of Confusions trying to figure it out this probley as result of Child Sex Abuse I had as this also may of impact the way I view the sex too as if it was pushed down me as I grew up.

Very sorry to hear about the sexual abuse while you were a child. I wish you no longer feel like a 'prisoner' locked up with these terrible feelings. I wish you feel free, sooner or later

I have zero tolerence for dirty talks amongst people around me. I even had a go at my parents for it too. Most of my time I tend too question the society which is why I view things i differently. I do view the society as being sex obsessed here and tend to question it a lot.
I have my own beliefs as well which also helps.

I also question society often, which is a good thing.

I find questioning the Society, Religion and etc are all good things. ie the Sex Obsession in the society I see as the Sheep Syndrome. Thats when they talk about sex as if people are objects and stuff like that. I believe brainwashed to be honest.

True, and it already starts at birth. Girl: pink - Boy: blue. Toys; Girl: Barbie - Boy: Car. Even before they even realise it they are being taught a certain 'gender role'.

Yep I agree with that too. Its all fed to them.

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I agree... the new t-shirts from disney w/ the mickey mouse group have those words. The male characters are described by their intellect while the female characters are described by their looks. In fact minnie mouse has the word 'hot' in big letters ... and... these are shirts meant for young kids. Absoluetly disgusting... let's teach the girls that their body is everything in life... :/<br />
<br />
My Definitions:<br />
Sexy = sexually appealing, desirable to have sex with or for sex<br />
Hot = Sexy<br />
<br />
There is a such a thing as 'pansexual'... two of my friends say they are. They don't care about the appearance nor gender of the person... they only care, or mostly care about that person's personality... and... date those they like/love.

Yes, if you pay attention, you'll notice how many people use these words like it's always been that way. Incredible and disturbingly disgusting. I don't really know too much about Pansexual, but I identify as Neutrois. I have written a story about it, if you want to know more about it.
Thank you for sharing your opinion.